Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wedding Weight Loss Products, Acai Berry

By Ricardo d Argence

Whether your wedding day is right around the corner or you are in a place where you need to think about it, you will find that you may be struck by the idea of how to lose weight before your wedding day. One of the options that people turn to is dietary supplements and one that gets mentioned a great deal is Acai Berry. What is this supplement all about, and can it really help you do what it says it will?

The wonderful and ubiquitous Acai Berry is one of the most advertised supplements now being offered on the internet. There are many claims, supposedly truthful testimonials, and eye-catching banner headlines that call this simple fruit a miracle that will cure all ills, increase your energy and endurance, and even cause you to lose unwanted weight in record setting time. But before you get too caught up in some of these ads, perhaps you should take a breath and get the real facts about what the Acai berry can and cannot do.

Many of the claims get spun into outlandish claims that will offer more disappointment than benefits even if some fruits, berries, and foods are good for people to enjoy. There isn't a single fruit or food item that could ever do everything Acai berry is alleged to be capable of.

It is also true that the amount of benefit that a person would receive is directly proportional to the amount of berries that they eat and depends on whether the fruit is fresh when ingested. This fruit has less shipping and shelf life than blueberries or raspberries, so getting it in fresh form is impossible unless you live in the Amazon regions where it grows.

This fruit may indeed have some viable claim that there are some molecular components that can fight or prevent certain cancers, increase energy, and boost the bodys natural immunity systems, but research is just in the early stages and many other factors have to be considered.

Acai products are being sold at incredibly high prices now with nothing to back the hype and claims that are being made, but as a supplement the FDA is not able to make the advertisers curb these ads. Unfortunately, many people who are ordering the Acai Berry products are finding that they have lost some money, but on the positive side, they may have also gained some wisdom.

There are no side effects that would warn people away from these products, but if you place your entire faith and hope in what the Acai berries can do for you there will likely be some disappointment ahead. The berries do have vitamins and good fats that can add to a normal diet and the antioxidants are also present, but not in quite the degree that many advertisers claim.

You must have in mind that you still have to burn approximately 3500 calories in order to lose a single pound of fat and this is not possible just eating the Acai Berry, and never will be. Losing weight requires a real commitment to cut your calorie intake and exercise.

If you do some research you will notice that every weight loss product on the market claims to contain ingredients that, when carefully examined, turn out to be the same. People want desperately to believe that there are miracle cures for everything and for all conditions, but the hype and media advertising blur the truth and fantasy until many normally rational individuals fall victim to the claims.

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