Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excalibur Food Dehydrators for Food, Crafts, and More

By Randal Pike

Did you know you can preserve fruits and vegetables with a food dehydrator? Or dry pasta? Or make yogurt? You can with excalibur food dehydrators. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can do so many things with excalibur food dehydrators.

A food dehydrator works by removing moisture. This is done by a fan and vents which circulate the air, and an electric element to provide heat. Quality brands, such as excalibur food dehydrators, dry foods quickly at 140 degrees F. The main purpose of a food dehydrator is to dry raw foods indoors. But excalibur food dehydrators can be used for preserving fruits and vegetables, drying fish and meats, making fruit rolls, drying fresh pasta and making yogurt, just to name a few.

Air flow is key in electrical food dehydrators, but there are different types. A horizontal air flow has the heating element and fan located on the side of the unit. With this type of air flow, several different kinds of foods can be dried at once without the flavors or smells mixing. A vertical air flow has the heating element and fan located at the base. With excalibur food dehydrators, there is an exclusive Parallexx Horizontal Airflow Drying System which ensures that the food products dry to their proper texture an airflow is even throughout the whole dehydrator.

There are several things to look for when investing in a food dehydrator. First, look for quality in the overall construction of the unit. It should be double walled and made of metal or high grade plastic. It should have an enclosed heating element and thermostat. A dial for regulating temperature is a plus. The unit should come with drying trays made of sturdy plastic. With excalibur food dehydrators, there are even additional features beyond the basics. Excalibur food dehydrators have wide dehydration screens and teflex sheets bringing more dehydration speed without rotating the trays. Furthermore, excalibur food dehydrators feature square trays instead of the usual circular ones for easier handling and loading.

On its website, Blender Juicer Depot has several choices of excalibur food dehydrators and accessories. Models range from five trays to 12 trays. Excalibur food dehydrators also have expandable units for adding more trays based on the quantity of food or items being dehydrated. So if you have a half bushel of raw produce, excalibur food dehydrators can handle the 12 square feet of drying space required for the load.

Compared to other food dehydrators, excalibur food dehydrators are more versatile. They can freshen crackers, chips, cookies or cereal; dry bread for bread crumbs; and rise dough for making fresh bread. Dehydrating leftovers, even cooked meats, rice and vegetables, is another use for excalibur food dehydrators.

Other tasks can be done with excalibur food dehydrators. The dehydrator can be used in craft making to dry fresh flowers or in photography processing to dry photographs. Excalibur food dehydrators are great for composting, simply dry out coffee grounds and fruit and vegetable peelings. Other uses for excalibur food dehydrators are as a humidifier, air freshener, or for aromatherapy.

Excalibur food dehydrators are the most popular and best built food dehydrator. They have built their reputation on quality. The performance of excalibur food dehydrators is evident of the company's years of experience and knowledge in dehydration technology.

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