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About Eyelid Surgery

By Matt

Often, the first aspect of a person we notice is the eyes as they are the way in which we subconsciously decide whether someone likes us or not. As the eyes are such attractive aspects of a persons face, it is not surprising that many people have cosmetic surgery on this area and it's especially true once a person is of mature years. An individual without dark areas under their eyes and laughter lines will look much more appealing.

It's true that most men and women get to a point when they consider cosmetic eyelid surgery. Your visible age can be reduced by cosmetic eyelid surgery and make you look more alive at the same time.

Blepharoplasty, the correct term for eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes the eyelids. Eye and eyelid surgery help to eliminate the appearance of being constantly tired, resulting in a more youthful and rested appearance.

A droopy eyelid is not necessarily a sign of age but can age you considerably, so carrying out a surgical procedure which tightens the muscle controlling the eyelid can correct this condition. A procedure which aids in the disappearance of the bags and wrinkles below the eyes was actually designed to remove sagging eyebrows buy a procedure which pulls the skin tight called a brow lift.

For some, eyelid surgery can provide improved vision and in a study of 51-64 year olds it was the number one procedure to be considered. The most probable cause for a droopy eyelid is lax upper eyelid skin. The eyelid skin is very thin and as a consequence it is rare for a scar to form here. Upper eyelid surgery does have one downside though and that is the bruising and swelling that normally starts showing very soon after the procedure. It is quite normal with eyelid procedures where the patient has puffy and heavy eyelids to have the muscle layer and fat removed as well during surgery.

Not everyone jumps at the chance to have eyelid surgery and some individuals are considering using collagen or one of its alternatives injected instead. Not all eyelid surgery is a success and in these cases to improve the definition around the eye and eyelid area, permanent makeup or Micro pigmentation treatment is used. Another use of Micro pigmentation is how it can alter the look of an eye to make it look more symmetrical without any need for surgery.

Some factors that should be considered and can affect healing are which procedures are to be performed, how easily the patient bruises, how well the eyelids are taken care of during the postoperative period, and how good of a healer the patient is.

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