Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Estrolean for Weight Loss During Menopause

By Ricardo d Argence

Weight gain, as a result of entering menopause, is probably a major issue (among others) which is always there on your mind if you are a woman approaching menopause.

Most women find that when their hormones are recalibrating during the experience of menopause that they are dealing with at least some weight gain, and with that in mind, you may find that your thoughts are turning to supplements that you can take that can help you with this issue. Estrolean is one supplement that gets talked about a great deal. What is it, and what can it really do or you?

When you are looking at the diet supplement of Estrolean, make sure that you look at the ingredients. You will find that the average dose of Estrolean contains primarily amylase, apple extract, pomegranate extract, sea vegetable extract, lipase, protease, guarana, green tea, yerba mate and ginger. Essentially, with these ingredients, Estrolean says that it can solve the problem of weight gain through changing hormones. Interestingly, it is one of the first of the supplements out there that was designed to tackle weight gain in menopausal women.

With that in mind, what does Estrolean do? Essentially, you will find that the enzymes in the supplement are designed to help the dieter by improving your digestion and helping you process food better. The amylase is intended to help you break down the starch in your food, while protease helps you with your overall health.

You'll find yourself in a place where you are having unusual food cravings and where you are going to need to learn to regulate your appetite all over again. And right in that moment you will realize that Estrolean does not have an appetite suppressant component.

Estrolean mostly works through the stimulants it contains. Yerba mate, green tea and guarana all figure heavily into the ingredients list of this supplement, and you will find that upon further reflection, they are stimulants. When you use this supplement, you will acquire a sudden burst of energy which will be very effective in getting you to do some physical activity. However, keep in mind that this kind of stimulant isn't perfect in every case for every woman.

You really have to consider your weight loss goals, take your time. You will find out that there are many weight loss products, and you will need to think about them, and when you do, you will see that they can be easily achieved with a combination of good diet and exercise. You have to take your time to really take stock of what is going on in your life and realize that a healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight.

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