Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anti-Aging: Good nutrition and a healthy brain

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The skin care industry is flooded with anti-aging products, services and treatments. This growth is continually risingas more and more people search for that elusive fountain of youth. However instead of looking outward , people should realize that nutrition within is the key to winning the anti-aging battle.

Going beyond cosmetic treatments as a sound anti-aging strategy is quite reliable and based on science. As we age, our body's ability to function at optimal levels decreases, so it's important to fuel our bodies with nutrients that promote regeneration and performance.

For example, our skin's elasticity dwindles, our sebum production slows down and we lose the ability to retain moisture and flush out toxins through our pores. It is true that beauty is skin deep because it is our skin or our outward appearance that indicate the fact that we are no longer youthful.

Beneath the skin tissues are processes and bodily functions that need to be maintained in order to preserve youthfulness. We can't simply expect to fill our bodies with junk and expect it to run at optimum levels. If you have difficulty understanding this concept, you may want to use the analogy of a car. A car runs on gasoline. If you put other types of fuel in it such as diesel or kerosene, the car won't work and the engine may be damaged.

There are different types of gasoline that you can use for your car. To get the most out of your car's performance you need to understand the octane rating of your engine and use the appropriate type of gasoline.

Just like a car, the body needs the proper types of food as fuel, which can be achieved by maintaining a proper and healthy diet. Combined with just the right amounts of exercise, our body can metabolize our diet properly and it is then supplied with the proper fuel which it requires.

One way to restore your youthfulness, prevent any further damage or give you extra brain power is to consume a healthy dose of essential fatty acids. These can be found in hemp, flax and fish. If you're not crazy about fish or if mercury is a concern than hemp and flax is the way to go. However, hemp provides you with much greater flexibility than flax. Hemp seeds can be eaten raw (the best way), or added to your favorite dishes. Hemp oil is also excellent in dressings.

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In addition to keeping us physically fit, exercise is also an excellent way to keep our brain healthy. Exercise promotes a healthy supply of oxygen to the brain. As you can see, beyond cosmetics, proper nutrition and a healthy brain are keys to truly winning the anti-aging battle.
More and more people experience dementia and other forms of brain degradation as they get older and keeping the brain healthy through proper nutrition and exercise helps stave off this phenomenon.

So remember, essential fatty acids, excercise, a snesible regime and drinking plenty of water equals brain power, good health and beautiful skin.

Hope you enjoyed this article and cheers to your age and health!


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