Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 Easy Tips to Lower Cholesterol

So here it is, my first offial post. Enjoy!

Do you have high cholesterol and need to lower it? Look no further than these top tips to help you regain a healthy cholesterol level and maintain it.

As with anything health related, a sensible diet and adequate exercise are crucial components to healthy living. The foods you eat are critical to your well being. The choices you make really do have consequences, some bad and some good.

Here is the breakdown of the top 10 tips to lowering your bad cholesterol levels and improving your lifestyle!

1. Toss refined foods and replace them with wholewheat breads, pitas, pastas, rice, and flour.

2. If you're a meat and potato person, stick with extra lean. Avoid highly processed meats like wieners and bologna.

3. Skip the mayo on that juicy burger. This stuff is loaded with fat and sugar. Opt for homemade if you can, this way you can decide what goes in and you can add your favorite spices for some kick.

4. Choose foods that are fortified with omega-3 or better yet choose ones that are naturally high in these essentila fatty acids. One food that offers the right balance of omega-3, 6, and 9 is the underestimated hemp seed. Try them, they taste good and are loaded with other nutrients.

To learn more about hemp seeds, click here!

Other good choices include fish like wild red salmon, flax and walnuts.

5. Avoid Trans fats and limit saturated fats! Not only do they raise the bad LDL cholesterol, they can also lower your HDL levels! Foods like margarine, shortening, and processed foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils are all culprits of ill health.

6. Limit your intake of desserts. Too much sugar leads to diabetes which then turns the sugar into fat. Bad combination.

7. Eat foods that are high in fiber like oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, beans, and some cereals.

8. Grilling your food is a plus. You retain much of the nutrients through this cooking process. So if that steak is calling your name, stick it on the grill with some roasted peppers drizzled with olive oil and voila! a healthy meal even a kingwould appreciate. Avoid deep frying.

9. Create your own salad dressings infused with your favorite herbs. Again, hemp oil serves as an excellent base ingredient.Just look it up on the net and you'll find lots of basic oil dressing recipes that you embellish.

10. Load up on the veggies and fruits. Fruits are naturally low in sodium, fat and sugar and contain no cholesterol. Vegetables are also low in sodium and calories. They also contain fiber.

And there you have it folks, ten tips to lowering your cholesterol. I know it sounds a bit overwhelming, but the reality is, as we age, our body's metabolism slow downs and our ability to maintain a healthy weight is much harder, presenting us with an array of health problems. Don't fret though, adjusting our lifestyle as you age and getting plenty of excersise will do wonders and your body will reward you for it.

Until the next post, utilize these tips and good health to you!


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